How To Control Your Emotions

Since Daniel Goleman published his bestselling book “Emotional Intelligence,” society has recognized the importance of having a handle on one’s emotions. For many years, the prevailing wisdom was that you should simply suppress your emotions, and not let others see what you are feeling. That is no longer the case. However, you do not want to end up on the other extreme by letting your emotions get the best of you. Controlling your emotions is the happy medium, and it is a great first step to a healthier, happier way of life. 

In addition to making you feel better, controlling your emotions also carries benefits for other areas of your life. For example, the quality of your interpersonal relationships is sure to improve, as people will want to spend more time with you. It will also give you more self-confidence and the ability to deal with whatever obstacles come your way. This will have a positive impact on your professional as well as your personal life. 

Unfortunately, sometimes controlling your emotions is easier said than done. As such, it is crucial to map out strategies in advance for how to deal with potentially volatile situations as they arise. The best method is to practice mindfulness. When you are mindful, you gain perspective regarding the goings-on in your interior monologue, and you can also examine things that happened in the past without getting upset by them. This will help you identify potential triggers and understand the root cause of your emotions. Practicing mindfulness means being self-aware, which is an absolute necessity for not letting emotions spiral out of control. Take a step back, and take a good look at yourself. Naming the emotion you are experiencing can also be a useful exercise.

Besides the mental tactics listed above, you can also take a physical approach to getting your emotions under control. Especially in the beginning, it is often easier to control your body than to control your mind. This is why most mindfulness practitioners frequently meditate and do yoga. Stillness can play a huge role in attaining good mental health. Start by slowing down your breathing; taking deep breaths should help you relax your entire body. 

You do not have to rely on your own steely resolve to force your body to unwind. Very good technology exists that can relax your body and in turn relax your mind. Take a look at some of the newer massage products from NAIPO, for example. Tensions can be heightened at work, so equipping yourself with the tools to succeed is a surefire way to find emotional well-being in your life.