New Products Alert! Introducing High-End O'YEET Massage Guns

At NAIPO, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers’ feedback and providing them with state-of-the-art massagers tailored to their specific needs. Because a large contingent of our users are athletes, we have developed the O’YEET sub-brand to offer professional-grade massage guns to those at the peak of physical performance. 

This month, we are announcing two new O’YEET models, the NEX PRO II and the NEX Mini. As its name suggests, the NEX PRO II is an updated version of the bestselling NEX PRO. Like its predecessor, the NEX PRO II strikes the perfect balance between speed, depth and force to offer the ultimate deep-tissue massage. However, the NEX PRO II benefits from being lighter, quieter and more durable. It is made to serve as the ideal fitness companion to all athletes, primed to facilitate post-workout recovery in any environment or climate. 

The NEX Mini massage gun manages to provide similar levels of speed and depth, with the added advantage of being even more compact and portable. O’YEET’s smallest model is an essential component of any gym bag, and it is so small and light that users will have no problem carrying it with them as they ski down a mountain or cycle across a continent.