O'YEET Debuts 'Home Fitness' Line

NAIPO previously introduced the O’YEET sub-brand to offer professional-grade massage guns to those at the peak of physical performance. These O’YEET massage guns—such as the NEX Pro and the NEX Mini—were designed by NAIPO’s R&D team to meet the demands of the many NAIPO customers who are younger athletes requiring state-of-the-art equipment. These massage guns are a hit with Generations Y and Z (the Zoomers and the Millennials); the O’YEET reliance on the latest fitness trends and techniques makes the products must-haves among those squarely in the important 18-35 age demographic.

Since the world of physical health and well-being goes well beyond post-workout massages, O’YEET is launching several new products in a “Home Fitness” line that augment its reputation as a world-class fitness brand. These include an innovative at-home treadmill, body weight scales, and shaker cups. Check them out at O'YEET's official website at https://www.oyeet.com/.