Naipo Foot Massager With Heat and Airbag Massage

$199.99 $299.99

Comprehensive Foot Massager - Airbag compression targets deep into sole reflex zones, which relieves achy areas covering insteps, ankles and key pressure points on both feet; the combination of gentle heat helps improve sleeping quality, promote metabolism, and eliminate fatigue.

Airbag Adjustment - Adjustable intensity (3 levels) caters for different group of people; deep kneading and air pressure technology strengthens muscle tissues and reduces tension, allowing you to fully unwind after a busy day.

Soothing Heat - For enhanced comfort, this foot massager is equipped with infrared heating function to relieve tense muscles and promote stress relief; 2 levels of heat further meet your need for relaxation.

3D Rolling Massage Technology - The massage rollers, which imitate massage techniques and movements by professional masseurs, exert comfy pressure on heels, toes and soles, greatly alleviating foot soreness and muscle tension.

Convenient for Leisure - Place the electric foot massager anywhere you want: under a bed, sofa or in a closet for easy storage; Refresh yourself with the foot massage machine, whether you are at home or in office.

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Soothing Heat
Relaxing massage and comfy heat work together to help you further unwind from a busy, tiring day. The soothing heat can be enjoyed alone for simply keeping feet warm.

Airbag Compression
The airbags are inflated and deflated rhythmically to apply compression massage to stimulate reflex points, with 3 intensity levels to fully satisfy different massage needs.

Rolling Massage
Rolling massage is a technique to help stretch and loosen muscles by applying proper pressure is applied , great for relieving muscle stiffness and knots.

Forefoot Kneading & Rolling Massage
Kneading and rolling massage applies proper pressure on forefeet and soles to relieve stress and tension.

Arch Kneading & Pressing Massage
Enjoy deep scraping massage on arches that performs well as a real masseur for enhanced relief from stress and fatigue.

Heels Scraping & Kneading Massage
Rhythmic scraping and pushing on heels add vitality to tired feet especially after wearing high-heel shoes for long.

Insteps & Ankles Airbag Compression Massage
Cyclic inflation and deflation of the airbags create rhythmic compression massage for softening effect on ankles and insteps.

Relieve our Feet from Excessive Stress
Reduce accumulated soreness from working or shopping in high-heel shoes for long with relaxing foot massage to fully unwind after a busy day.

Swelling from Standing for Long
Massage your feet for 15 minutes, which will help loosen stiff muscles for reduction in swelling and fatigue , greatly reinvigorating yourself.

Easy Foot Fatigue of the Elderly
Foot tiredness is common among the elderly. Proper massage pressure on their feet will help recover muscle flexibility to relieve and fatigue.

Swelling from Standing for Long
Massage your feet for 15 minutes, which will help loosen stiff muscles for reduction in swelling and fatigue , greatly reinvigorating yourself.

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