Massage Gun for Athletes -Portable Professional Deep Tissue Muscle Relaxing

  • 5 SPEED LEVELS - With 5 speeds plus 3 intensity modes, this massage gun can be adjusted to 15 different settings of varying intensity. Speeds range from low of 1200 rpm to high of 3300 rpm. The 3 massage modes include warm-up, relaxation, and post-workout deep tissue massage.
  • 6 HEAD ATTACHMENTS - To provide the perfect massage for different muscle tissues on the body, select from 6 massage head attachments made from 3 types of material. The attachments are interchangeable, so you can easily take one off and replace it when you are ready to move to a new muscle group. 

  • HIGH-TORQUE & LOW-NOISE MOTOR - Designed with vibrating power and heat dissipation to produce a strong, satisfying massage, this device alleviates pain and tension by kneading muscle tissue up to 10mm deep. Producing just 35 - 55 db of sound (barely above a whisper), the motor is quiet enough not to disturb anyone in the vicinity. Even in its highest speed mode, the massager remains stable in hand, making it comfortable to use and preventing hand numbness. 

  • EXTRA-LONG BATTERY LIFE - After only 3 hours of charging, the massager has juice for up to 120 days of standby time. Built-in 6-pack battery allows for wireless charging. On its lowest mode, the device offers up to 20 hours of continuous runtime, with an impressive 7.5 hours on its highest. Tip: The battery cannot be charged in dormant mode. For best results, charge before storing. 

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The body and handle of the massager feature 115° physiological curve design, providing a comfortable grip and reducing pain and discomfort in the hand joints. Handle is made of sweat-proof and anti-skid soft silicone. In addition, it comes with a carrying case and a shoulder bag.

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Why Choose MaxKare

Maxkare dedicates to healthy exercise of clients that we have exploited our massage gun series to meet exercise recovery needs. The pain relief after exercise will help you recover from tiredness very soon. The massage gun aims at a more convenient recovery and relaxing of muscle, a faster post exercise recovery.


5 Massage Strength
1200rpm for light warm-up,suitable for warm up before exercise.
1600rpm for deep muscle relaxing,proper relaxing for muscle stress.
2200rpm for muscle recovery, suitable for post exercise.
2800rpm for precise deep massage, precise massage for deep muscle soreness.
3300rpm for professional massage, professional massage brings the best muscle pain relief.

3 Mode Settings
Warm-up Mode:interval massage to activate your muscles, light beats to arouse your energy.
Muscle Relaxing:medium beating to relieve from muscle soreness after exercise.
Deep Massager:Deep into inner layer of muscle, precisely and effectively relieve from muscle stress with massager heads.

Strong Run Time
10 minute over-use protection, avoiding muscle hurting caused by over use.
Fast charging, shorter charging time and longer using time.
Longer using time, better to relieve from muscle soreness.

Strong Strength & Low Noise
26V high power brushless motor, providing best vibration strength in highest level, whilst sound under 55db will not bother you.

Deep Relaxation
10mm vibration depth will deep into the point of muscle soreness. Along with bullet head, you will experience a more precise muscle pain relief to recover from tiredness.

Comfy Handle to Hold
The thick handle is covered with skin-friendly material, providing a comfy handling. The strong friction makes using more comfortable and muscle pain relief more efficient, bringing a better effect.

6 Interchangeable Replacement Heads Allow You to Precisely Target Every Muscle Group

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