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    Expert-level Massage 2*4 massage nodes involves techniques of kneading and shiatsu to relax muscles for enhanced wellness.

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    Comfortable FocalHeat™ FocalHeat™ of 2 levels brings further relief deep through tissues for reduction in fatigue and tension.

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    Just Right Tailor-made™ Adjust straps for "just right" fit regardless of physiques and enjoy easy operation with well-placed controla panel.

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    Not Just Compact Carry this small-size and lightweight massager anywhere in the travel bag for car, home and office use.

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    Silky, Sanitary, Skin-friendly A buttery-sof fabric between massage nodes and the skin helps buffer unwanted friction for extra contentment.

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    Removable & Washable The fabric cover is removable for easier maintenance to ensure prolonged hygiene and softness.