A Massager Designed for the Way You Are

The fast pace of modern life has left us with barely any time to relax. Professional testers have found their pursuit of improved wellness achievable with the company of the oCuddle™. Designed to suit your needs no matter how you are built, the one-size-fits-all oCuddle™ satisfies expectations and needs for an upgraded massage experience by providing an adjustable, customized fit that takes into account the diversity of human physiques.
Fits All Physiques
Stress Relieving
Heat Therapy
Multipurpose Use
Soft and Skin-friendly
Ensured Hygiene
Washable and Hygienic
Fits All Physiques

Expert-level Massage

Bidirectional rotation from two four-node massage heads replicates the feel of kneading and shiatsu by fingers, knuckles and palms, holding and loosening muscles rhythmically for an enhanced sense of well-being.

Expert-level Massage Expert-level Massage

Expert-level Massage Expert-level Massage

Expert-level Massage

Comfortable FocalHeatTM

The 2 levels of FocalHeat™ are specifically designed with knowledge of the human body's sensation to temperature, granting the user optimum comfort and the relief of deep relaxation from reducing muscle tension and fatigue.
heating-res heating-res heating-res
heating-res heating-res heating-res

"Just Right" Tailor Made

Adjustable shoulder bands ensure "just the right fit" that adapts to user height, so you won't have to worry about buying the wrong size. It was designed with both function and form in mind, as the control settings are convenient to reach and easy to see.

Compact, Light and Portable

Feel pleasure with this small-size and lightweight massager, which can be carried anywhere effortlessly in the included carrying bag for car, home and office relaxation while occupying minimal storage space.

Silky, Sanitary, Skin-friendly

A buttery-soft, skin-friendly elastic fabric between the massage nodes and your skin ensures contentment by eliminating unwanted friction. The removable cover promises easy maintenance and hygienic multi-person use.
Silky, Sanitary, Skin-friendly
Silky, Sanitary, Skin-friendly
Silky, Sanitary, Skin-friendly
  • Auto-off Timer (20 mins)
  • Adjustable Direction (2 Options)
  • Heat Therapy (2 levels)
  • Adjustable Speed (3 levels)

In the Box

  • oCuddleTM
  • Carrying Bag
  • Wall Adapter & Car Adapter
  • Operation Guide
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card




300mm 1 1 Min 430mm Max 530mm
Product Name:  oCuddleTM SHOULDER MASSAGER
Model: oCuddle-C1
Input: 12V———2.5A
Power: 30W
Product Dimension: 300*130*135mm | 11.8*5.1*5.3in
Package Dimension: 370*140*175mm | 14.5*5.5*6.8in
Weight: 1.3kg | 2.9lbs
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