Fast Heating Hair Straightener Brush with Auto Shut Off & Temperature Control


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3D Ceramic Bristles - The hair straightening brush spreads heat uniformly across the 3D ceramic bristles, which never pull hair, achieving stylish straight hair with radiance from root to tip for more natural look. The tiny black brush comes with the straightener Brush to clean hair out and care for Bristles. You can easily protect the hairbrush

Ion Straightening Brush - Rich negative ions generated from the ionic straightening brush help prevent static and care hair covering even the cuticle layer, resulting in shiny, healthy hair free of frizz and tangles

Controllable Temperature - The straightener brush is programmed with 9 temperature settings to fit for all hair types: 280-320℉ (140-160℃) for thin/ fragile hair, 340-390℉ (160-180℃) for normal/ wavy hair, 410-430℉ (180-200℃) for coarse/curly hair

Easy Operation Reliable Safety - Flame-retardant plastic design efficiently avoids burns even using the head kandy straightening brush at the highest temperature; 360° swivel cord promotes flexible single-hand operation; Travel-friendly with small size and dual-voltage compatibility; Heats up to preset temperature in 60s with MCH technology for quick hair styling in 3 minutes

Customer Priority - Entil Straightening Brush leaves you peace of mind with ETL safety certification; The styling brush comes with complete accessories: a storage bag, a anti-scalding glove, a user manual, a little brush and two hair clips

Don't worried if you changed your mind, here are some tips for Return & Warranty:

1) For undamaged products with complete packaging and accessories, we offer a 30-day return service with a full refund (fees for reverse shipping not included).

2) Warranty is covered for any quality-related issues within 2 years, with 3 extended months after warranty registration.

3) Please contact our customer service team if you need to process a return(or warranty) for any reason,

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Entil is committed to providing you with the most cost-effective hair products. Hair products should not be just a tool, but also a product that has personality and can give you confidence, so we use the popular elements of every year to give you the best products.Our supply chain is spread all over the world, choosing the best products for you, eliminating the difficulties of your choice. We have been providing products such as hair straightener, straightening brush, curling iron, hair dryers and so on. Hope you can choose a product you like.

Close-to-hair Multiple Ion is Better
Damage of Positive electrical charges of hair:
Becomes drier
More hair cuticles open
Creating ‘ragged’ unhealthy looking
Difficult to style

How does Entil negative ions work?
Cancel out the positive hair charges
Smooth down ragged open hair cuticles
Seal in hair’s own natural oils and moisture
Allow them to lay flat and frizz free

Advanced Heating Technology
With MCH, a new heating standard for hair appliance.
Heating quickly in 60s
Maximum temperature up to 430℉ truly
Three-stage balanced heating technology
Significantly reduces overall straightening, hair styling time compared to hair flat iron.

Only 3 Steps, Easy to Style
Use only on dry brushed
First Step: Long press the power button for 3 seconds, set the temperature. Product will heat to the specified temperature in 60s
Second Step: Use the clips in the box to section hair. Put on the heat-resistant gloves.
Third Step: Cover less hair in one stroke once for thick and curly hair. Brush slowly in a pulling motion. According to the different hair texture, combing hair from the inside out once or twice, like a normal comb. Make Sure your hair gets deep into the inner area of the hairbrush straightener
You can always straighten hair on your own

360째Swivel Cord with Wall Hanging Hole
Prevents tangling and gives you more convenience to style your hair from any angle.

Extra-long Cord
8.2ft(2.5 m) long cord solves the power cord length problems effectively, you can walk across the room for the hairbrush as you style.

Baby-skin Touch
Three-layer surface coating, rejecting the plastic feeling, let you feel the product touch like baby skin.

60 mins Auto Shut off
Ensure safety and optimum performance at all times. This hair straightener brush will automatically shut-off if not used for 60 minutes.

Why Choose Entil Hair Straightener Brush instead of Other Brands?
[Efficient and Comfortable] Three-Layered Bristles Design > Other designs.
[Effective Ions] Real test 900,000 per cubic inch > Most about 30,000 per cubic inch
[Certification] ETL North American safety standards > FCC US lowest standards
[Safe] MCH with EMERSON fuse > MCH without fuse (very dangerous)
[Service] 2 years+ 100% satisfactory solution > none

Voltage: 120VAC 60Hz 55W
Heating method: MCH
Temperature setting: 280 300 320 340 360 375 390 410 430℉
The function of anti-hot gloves: The temperature of hair will be high after you use it, so you need to use the gloves to grab the hair to re-straighten.

Why choose Hair Straightener Brush instead of Hair Flat Iron?
Damage to the hair: hair straightening brush<hair straightener
Easy to use: hair straightening brush>hair straightener
Efficient straight: hair straightening brush>hair straightener
More suitable for short hair: hair straightening brush (closer to the hair root)>hair straightener

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