Kettlebell, 35lb Strength Training Kettlebell with HDPE Handle Workout Equipment Professional Olympic for Core Conditioning Weightlift Fitness Home Gym

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The kettlebell is different from barbells and dumbbells. Its structure is like a kettle with a handle, which determines its flexibility. Kettlebell 35 lb can be used for various exercises such as pushing, lifting, throwing, and squatting, and the kettlebell 35 lb can improve the balance, endurance, and explosive power of the upper body and lower limb muscles during training. Kettlebells are made of HDPE material, preventing them from being chipped. Kettlebell 35 lb is a great partner for swing, deadlift, squat, get-up, and other cross-training, pushups, renegade rows, handstands, or mounted pistol squats. Kettlebell 35 lb great to use them indoor & outdoor, even the kettlebell 35 lb under harsh conditions.

Strengthen Your Muscles
Using kettlebells, you can focus on the lower limbs, while using the kettlebell 35 lb training the leg muscles, hip muscles, and even the waist and abdomen muscles to improve the flexibility and speed of the lower limbs. Kettlebell 35 lb is worth

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the kettlebell between your legs with both hands. Bend your knees in a squat position and hold the kettlebell close to the floor. Then hold the kettlebell to do Burpees. Using kettlebells for squats and burpees can improve the strength of the legs, and the kettlebell 35 lb has a good stimulating effect on the front shoulders which helps shape your body.

Hold a kettlebell in each hand and place it on the ground. The kettlebell 35 lb distance between the two kettlebells should be slightly wider than the width of your shoulders and then prepare for the push-up position. Note that the feet should move forward a little so that the arms can be completely straightened. Because you cannot use your hands to stabilize your body, kettlebell push-ups also test your balance.

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