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In modern life, massagers have gained increasing popularity with more importance attached to healthy life. To better understand customer needs and market trend, we have arranged this survey. Thanks for your participation.
1. Gender:
2. Age group:
3. Employment status: Are you currently...?
4. Annual family income:
5. Which of the below pictures strikes a chord with you most?
6. Where does your stress or anxiety mostly come from?
7. What’s your choice when you’re feeling lack of energy in your free time?
8. Have you ever received professional massage service?
9. What comes to you first when mentioning a massager?
10. Have you heard of the below brands (multiple choice)?
11. Have you ever bought a massage product?
12. Why have you not purchased a massager?
13. Under what circumstance will you consider purchasing a massager (make at most 2 choices)?
14. Which types of massagers did you purchase (multiple choice)?
15. What is your purchase process?
16. Why did you purchase a massager (make at most two choices)?
17. How often do you use a massager?
18. When do you usually use a massager?
12. When purchasing a massager, what factors will you consider? Please rank the options in order of priority, from highest to lowest:
Please drag and drop the left item to the box here to complete the sort.
13. As for a massage product, what do you focus most in terms of brand?
14. More to say about massagers:
15. Would you consider buying a massage chair if money is not a problem?