Mild Intense

Intensity Scale Ratings 1 & 2: Gentle

Massage with an Intensity Scale rating 1 are designed for those who want a very soft massage while rating 2 are designed for those who want a soft massage. The pace is slow, and the roller nodes are less and short which is more suitable for thin or weak people with tender skin.

Intensity Scale Ratings 3 : Medium

The 3 range on our Intensity Scale is sometimes referred to as the "Goldilocks" zone. Massagers in this intensity range are intended for those who need a deeper and intense massage but also enjoy the comfortable of soft.

Intensity Scale Ratings 4 & 5: Intense

Massagers that fall in 4 on our Intensity Scale provide an intense massage while 5 range provides a more intense massage experience. Those products are ideal for people with strong body and exercise regularly. The pace is quicker, and the roller nodes are more and longer.

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