NAIPO Goes Beyond "Self-Care" With "Family-Care" Mentality

In today’s culture of health and wellness, there is no buzzword more prominent than “self-care.” This is for good reason. When we are pulled in a million different directions by work and social obligations, thinking about “self-care” serves as an important reminder to pause and “Find Well-being” within ourselves. This is exactly why NAIPO launched a “Self-Care Challenge” in February, as well as published a blog post urging our readers to “Remember Self-Care This Winter.”

We strongly believe that NAIPO massage products are a critical part of any 21st century self-care regimen. Our crackerjack R&D team is constantly coming up with new massage technology to help you care for your entire body, from your neck to your feet. However, we want people to think of NAIPO as more than just a “self-care” brand. Self-care is a noble endeavor, but it is only Step One to finding true well-being. NAIPO products go above and beyond by focusing not on “Self-Care” but rather on “Family-Care.”

The great poet John Donne wrote, “No man is an island.” Each and every one of us is deeply connected to those around us, starting first and foremost with those in our family. Not only our actions but also our states of mind have an impact on those with whom we regularly interact. If someone in our household is suffering from anxiety and depression, that person’s poor mental health has a spillover effect into how everyone else in the family goes about their day. The same is true if someone is experiencing constant physical pain. “Finding Well-being” is a holistic process that involves improving the lives of all of the people in our family—grandparents, parents and children alike. 

Every NAIPO massager is designed with “Family-Care” in mind. Many people are accustomed to spending a small fortune on self-care products for their individual wellness goals. We want our products to be shared by every member of the family. Well-being can be affordable, and larger families should not be punished by onerous costs. Next time you are considering adding something to your self-care routine, think about who else might benefit from the new product. Don’t forget: NAIPO is here to help.