NAIPO Launches YouTube Channel

Over the 5+ years of the company's existence, NAIPO products have frequently appeared on YouTube. Influencers have long been sharing their thoughts on the massagers with their audiences. For example, one YouTuber's review of NAIPO's original shiatsu neck and shoulder massager has 185,000 views! If you search "NAIPO" on YouTube, you will find many videos of some of the most trusted voices in personal health technology all praising standouts like the oCuddle, released in 2019. 

Now there is one more trusted voice for users who peruse the video sharing platform to tune in to. NAIPO recently launched its own official YouTube channel, with the handle "@naipomkt."

Right now, the channel features some of the material we have made to familiarize customers with our products in the past. That includes offerings in the O Series, the 2023-released Foot Spa Bath Massager, the IF Award-winning oFlexiSpa Steam Foot Massager, and of course the oCuddle. In the coming weeks and months, NAIPO fans can expect to find even more content like this, both reintroducing subscribers to all-time bestsellers as well as launching new and innovative items into the world. 

NAIPO is one of the world's leading brands of home massage and wellness products. Our philosophy is to help you and your loved ones go beyond "self-care" by creating massagers for "family-care." Neck and shoulder massagers like the oCuddle can help Mom, Dad, and the kids collectively "find well-being" at home.