NEW PRODUCT: Foot Massager With Heat And Airbag Massage

Hopefully, you have been carefully following our blog for information on NAIPO’s newest releases. So far, we have introduced the Foot Spa Bath Massager, the Collapsible Foot Spa, the Mini Massage Gun, the oFree Neck and Back Massager, and the 2-in-1 Foldable Foot & Calf Massager. Today, we continue to focus on the lower half by telling our readers about the NAIPO Foot Massager with Heat and Airbag Massage. 

The NAIPO Foot Massager with Heat and Airbag offers many of the advantages of the 2-in-1 Foldable Foot & Calf Massager. It, too, has a heating function, detachable foot sleeves, and multiple massage types. Specifically, the user can choose from shiatsu kneading, air compression, and even a hand-emulating massage. The air compression can be experienced at three different intensity levels—gentle, medium, and intense. 

At this moment, you may find yourself asking what an air compression massage is, and what benefits it can have on your feet. Great question! Air compression massage is a proven therapeutic technique with a wide range of benefits that go beyond the typical massage experience. In addition to improving circulation, relaxing muscles, and relieving pain, air compression massage has the distinct ability to assist in lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is essential to overall health and well-being, and it is too often ignored by traditional self-care routines. 

The airbag in this foot massager puts it a cut above others on the market. You can still feel the soothing effects of a warm shiatsu massage, with a heating mechanism that can reach temperatures up to a toasty 112°F. But you can also eliminate waste and toxins and reduce fluid retention more efficiently with the rhythmic squeezing and releasing of the air chambers. This will leave you rejuvenated and feeling ready to walk anywhere. Who knows, you might just end up running your first marathon.