NEW PRODUCT: oFree Neck and Back Massager

This has been an exciting year for NAIPO new releases, as already evidenced by hits such as the Foot Spa Bath Massager, the Collapsible Foot Spa, and the Mini Massage Gun. Believe it or not, these self-care sensations are just the tip of the new product iceberg. Last week, the NAIPO team traveled to Germany to exhibit at the IFA Berlin trade show, where we unveiled eight novel offerings. We will be introducing all of them to wider audiences right here on the NAIPO blog in the weeks to come, starting with the oFree neck and back massager. 

When NAIPO first became a household name six years ago, it was due to the wild success of our original neck and shoulder massager. We have not forgotten our roots, as our R&D team continues to iterate on its initial innovation. The proof is in the oFree, a neck and back massager that takes the idea of “replicating the hands of a human masseuse” to a whole new level. 

The core mission of NAIPO is to develop products that promote not just self-care but “family-care.” At the heart of this mission is the fundamental belief that the relaxation and relief that massage brings should be available and affordable not merely to the affluent but to every member of every household on Planet Earth. The oFree is equipped with a grand total of six massage nodes, including two that are specifically designed to extend down to the back to perform the work of human thumbs. Targeting the neck and trapezius, the oFree brings a whole new level of luxury to your home or office. 

There is a reason that professional massages are so expensive—a good massage can be truly life-changing. It can get you out of a rut in your work or personal life and make you feel invincible. Previous technology could only go so far into bringing this type of relief available in a consumer product. Four massage nodes are good, but six massage nodes are unrivaled in their ability to hit exactly the right spot. 

In addition to its revolutionary design, the oFree has several other exciting features. It prevents acid buildup and reduces swelling by providing continuous warmth to the neck, shoulders, and back. It is built with a “magic strap” that gives the user a truly hands-free experience. This also means it can be attached to other areas of the body and massage muscle groups from your neck all the way down to your legs. 

We are very excited for you and your family to try out the oFree for yourselves! And don’t forget to stay tuned to this blog for more new product info in the days and weeks ahead.