NAIPO oFree Shoulder Massager with Heat and Adjustable Straps


POWERFUL MOTOR - This smart shoulder massager optimizes the motor functions and ensures you get the most powerful massage when you need it most. Both strong and reliable, you do not have to worry about wasting unnecessary force as you set it to the desired intensity level.  

SIMULATES MASSEUSE HANDS - Every massage device claims to simulate the effect of the hands of a professional masseuse. The NAIPO oFree actually does. To achieve this, there are two additional massage nodes that extend below the back to perform the work of human thumbs. This creates truly three-dimensional kneading and will make you feel innately that you are in good hands. 

CONSTANT WARMTH - Much of the relaxing feeling from massagers comes from the heating function, and the oFree is no different. By providing continuous warmth to the neck, shoulders, and back, this massager will prevent acid buildup and reduce swelling in the targeted areas. 

MAGIC STRAP - Attach the oFree to your back with the magic strap to ensure a completely hands-free experience. This makes it the perfect massager for when you have other things to do, whether sitting at your desk at work or running around your home to do laundry or other housework chores.  

MULTI-POSITION MASSAGE - Although the oFree is at its core a shoulder massage, it can be positioned to provide so much more than that. Position the device and attach the strap to your heart’s desire and target muscle groups from your neck all the way down to your legs. 

LITHIUM BATTERY - Equipped with a lithium battery, the oFree can be used for many massage sessions before requiring a recharge. A timer control of 15 minutes helps you manage usage so as not to spend too much time treating just one area.

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