In modern life, awareness has risen on the importance of a healthy life and massagers have gained popularity as a way to handle stress. Your opinion is very important thank you for sharing it with us by completing this 3-5 minute survey.
1. Gender:
2. Age group:
3. Who will you prepare for gift in Christmas season? (multiple choice)
4. Which way you choose to get a Christmas gift?
5. What's price range you will consider to pay for Christmas gift?
6. What kind of style of package you prefer by the Christmas gift?
7. Will you buy a massager as a Christmas gift for your friends and families?
8. What kind of massager you will choose as a Christmas gift?
9. When purchasing a massager, what factors will you consider? Please rank the options in order of priority, from highest to lowest:
10. As for a massage product, what do you focus most in terms of brand?
11. Have you heard of the below brands (multiple choice)?