ENGiNDOT Network Cable Teater, Cable Toner & Tester, RJ11 RJ45 Line Finder,Cable Tracer with Probe Tone

    • UPGRADED DIGITAL SIGNAL: The ENGiNDOT Cable Tester features an upgraded digital signal that is free from interference, providing a stronger and more stable connection. Say goodbye to analog signals and experience fast and accurate locating of wire breakpoints without damaging the wire's skin.
    • NETWORK & TELEPHONE LINE TEST: Easily detect the physical connection status of your network cable with the ENGiNDOT Cable Tester. It can identify open circuits, short circuits, reverse connections, and more. Use the emitter to test the working status of TIP, RING lines, and even check the positive/negative polarity of line levels.
    • WIRE TRACKING MADE EASY: The ENGiNDOT Cable Tester is not only capable of tracing Ethernet LAN wires but also electrical wires. Simply power off the wires, use clip connections to separate some wires, and select "Scan" on the emitter. Once the "Scan" indicator is on, the emitter is working properly, and you can use the receiver to easily find the target wire.
    • EARPHONES DESIGN: We understand that working in noisy environments can be challenging. That's why the ENGINDOT CT03 Pro cable tester comes with a pair of earphones. Stay focused and receive information clearly even in the midst of noise. If the sound is low, simply check the battery. Additionally, the built-in LED flashlight makes it easier to operate the tester in the dark.
    • PACKAGE CONTENT: The ENGiNDOT Cable Tester includes everything you need for efficient cable maintenance. It comes with 1 receiver, 1 transmitter, 1 RJ11 converter interface, 1 RJ45 converter interface, 1 pair of earphones, 1 carrying case, 1 user manual, and 2 9V batteries. Get started right away and ensure the optimal performance of your cables.

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