NAIPO Partnerships Grow Massage Brand In Europe

Last month, we wrote about NAIPO’s growing presence in Europe. Our brand on the continent continues to grow, as our hardworking representatives and distributors have earned NAIPO increased visibility through both on- and offline channels. 

Dmitry "Smoove" POSKrivenko has been called “The Most Creative Dunker in the World.” The two-time FIBA world dunk champion has for years captivated a global audience on social media with his stunning basketball ability. He has over 100,000 Instagram followers and nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube. We were honored to be featured in one of his Instagram reels last month. 

Even more world-renowned is celebrity chef Hector Jimenez-Bravo, famous not only for his cuisine but also for being a popular TV host and recipient of the prestigious “World Master Chef” award. In March, he demonstrated usage of several different NAIPO products for his 1.1 million Instagram followers. 

In addition to partnerships with influencers, we have also been promoting our brand via digital ad campaigns:

Offline marketing tactics include prominent displays on inner-city transport:

Furthermore, cooperation with major electronics retailers has resulted in prime in-store placement, giving shoppers the opportunity to feel the powerful relief of NAIPO engineering before taking their new massagers home with them to “Find Well-being":